Prostate Massage

Prostate Massage is getting increasingly popular. Many people search internet to learn about Prostate Massage. Well there are lots of sites there to explain about Prostate Massage. Each site explains Prostate Massage with different names like Prostate Drainage, Prostate Milking. The fact is many people are confused after reading the different articles about Prostate Massage. They are unable to conclude certainly about Prostate Massage. In this article we have summarized every thing about Prostate Massage in a simple form. Prostate Massage is an action of Massaging prostate gland which is located 4 cm upwards to the anus opening. It is small in size like chest nut and pressed gently with fingers. Fingers are pushed upwards into the anus and Prostate is rubbed too gently like massaging. This is the process of Prostate Massage. This is not only used for sexual pleasure but also for medical treatments too. Prostate Massage also termed as Prostate Drainage is employed to clean the settled debris of prostate. It is said that it also cures the swelling or prostate and prevents prostate enlargement. Studies also say that prostate can prevent Prostate cancer. Thus we have tried the best to explain the prostate in a simple language.